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Updated: May 23, 2018

I was lucky to be invited to the last night of Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets in Birrarung Marr by the wonderful team from Menulog.

Located on ‘Menulog Hill’ was their exclusive area called the ‘At Home Zone’ providing a little haven for foodies complete with oversized inflatable lounges that doubled as day beds, live music and a dedicated on-ground delivery team to take orders from hungry diners in order to beat the queues at some of the markets’ most popular stands.

Upon arrival, the ‘Menulog Dream Team’ (as I’d like to call them) fussed over us to make sure we had our stable tables, menu’s and goodie bags at the ready. The menu showcased all the restaurants offering entrees, mains and desserts specifically for those within the ‘Menulog At Home Zone’ plus a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as our own signature menulog green chopsticks and fortune cookies.

The restaurants showcasing dishes were:

- West of Kin

- Pak Pak Cue, by Hoy Pinoy

- Mr Cyclo

- Waffle on a Stick

- The Brulee Cart

With drinks supplied by:

- Watson’s Bay Hotel

The dishes / drinks we ordered were:

- Five-Spice Grilled Chicken Skewers (Mr Cyclo)

- Yunnan Style Lamb Ribs with Asian Slaw (West of Kin)

- Roti Chicken in Sticky Rice (West of Kin)

- Pak Pak Inasal (Pak Pak Cue by Hoy Pinoy)

- Pak Pak Asado (Pak Pak Cue by Hoy Pinoy)

- Nutella & Strawberry Waffles (Waffle on a Stick)

- Lychee Caramel & Strawberry Waffles (Waffle on a Stick)

- Matcha Green Tea Pudding (West of Kin)

- Choc Cointreau Brulee with Persian Fairy Floss (The Brulee Cart)

- Pimms No.1 Cups (Watsons Bay Hotel)

Needless to say, I had a wonderful night with the team attending to my party’s request. They were always willing to assist with any query regarding the dishes, even popping over just to see how we were and to have a chat. A special mention to Tristan from Menulog who almost became my own personal day bed inflator, thanks for keeping me comfy 😉

**My husband, friend and I were graciously hosted by the team at Menulog.

- JG

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