In a few words I’d say that I’m a spirited tech fiend, food seeker & luxury loving wanderer.


Who just happens to live in the cultural, food and fashion capital of Australia…. Melbourne. A city that has won the title of being ‘The Most Liveable City in the World’ for the 6th consecutive year. You could say that I have zero intention of moving anywhere else and although I’m quite happy where I am, I’m always looking to explore and travel to new places… temporarily of course!

My current profession is a Business Analyst for a major IT & Electronics company, one that I have worked for over 14 years. Outside of my full-time job, I travel, eat and enjoy life as much as I can. Having had the pleasure of visiting over 44 countries, I’d have to say that my most favourite country in the world is Italy. With its cuisine being my preferred choice, it was only fitting that I also married an Italian. I’ve been incredibly blessed with an amazing husband with a family that has done nothing but provide unending love and support for us.

Journey with me through travel, foodventures and just life in general.


- JG



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